Garden feature writer

As an award-winning freelance garden feature writer and gardening journalist, my focus is creating imaginative, compelling and provocative garden features for all kinds of clients, websites and publications.

I specialise in writing vividly about plants, gardens, outdoor and interiors, luxury garden products and services, as well as property, lifestyle, outdoor and country interests.

In this day and age, there is no excuse for bland, dull messaging. Every time you throw out a message to the world, it should say something original, make people want to know more about you and cement your following. Even something simple as Advertorials can be tough for companies who often lack the time, inclination or ability to put together riveting copy. I can do that for you. Used to working on tight deadlines with bang-on-the-money evocative garden feature writing or any other feature content, let me help you shamelessly seduce your target audience.

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garden feature writer