Expert Garden Coaching

If you find yourself asking these questions, Grow & Glow expert garden coaching might well be the answer you’ve been looking for. 

‘My garden’s tiny… can I really grow vegetables?

‘I don’t even know where to begin…’

‘What plants, go where?’

‘If only I had some professional advice…’

Creating your dream garden can seem tough at times. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed at just how much work needs to be done to transform a promising patch into a floral paradise. It’s not that gardeners lack enthusiasm. It’s just a question of where to start or sometimes you quite literally lose the plot. Don’t you sometimes wish someone would  step in and lend a helping hand? That’s where my expert garden coaching comes in.
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Grow & Glow Expert Garden Coaching

A happy, purposeful solution to confidently create stylish, practical outdoor spaces from elegant borders to kitchen gardens. Wherever you live, no matter what state your garden is in right now, there’s never been a better time to transform your garden.  My prescriptive garden coaching is perfect for budding gardeners who need flexible, affordable expert advice from time to time, as well as  those wanting to design their own gardens.

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Grow & Glow online garden coaching can be anything you want it to be.

Book a 60 or 90-minute one-hour online garden coaching session to help you get to grips with your garden.
£ 85 — 60 min/£140 —90 mins (BACS payable)

You might have design ideas you’re unsure how to implement or maybe you’re a rookie veggie grower and need a few expert pointers to get you started. You define exactly what you want from your garden, identifying specific goals, and we’ll discuss plans on how to get there. With three decades of practical gardening, gold and silver Chelsea gold medals under my belt, you couldn’t be in better hands. Having written the definitive books on everything from Fruit & Vegetables, Border Plants, Drought Tolerant Gardens, Fragrant & Evergreen plants, I’m ideally placed to hold your hand. Come on! Let me help you elevate your garden from the ordinary to the sublime.  Redesign your garden, troubleshoot any issues, keep on track and equip yourself with essential life-long garden skills.  

 Get in touch and start your  garden adventure today!
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And the best bit?

International health practitioners agree on the proven health benefits that gardening offers. It’s a free, easily accessible therapy that you can slot in any time you have a spare 30 minutes. It increases individual life satisfaction by improving personal vigour, cognitive function in kids and adults alike, offers positive, deep-lasting effects for those with psychological health issues and creates a unique sense of achievement and community. A natural mindfulness where for a few precious hours you can park life’s troubles whilst crafting a beautiful space. As your garden journey progresses it’s a happy thought knowing that as you begin your garden transformation, you’ll be doing your bit for the environment, sleep better, get fitter, reduce anxiety and increase well-being. 

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Happy days…

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