Being an award-winning freelance gardening copywriter, I understand words matter. Used wisely they have the ability to evoke a very special message about you, your company or business.

Gardens, plants, flowers, garden design, interiors or lifestyle interact intimately and naturally in our every day lives, so you really couldn’t have a better product to work with. The English language offers literally millions of words to choose from, whether you are producing a brochure, web content or company messaging – it’s critical we choose the right ones to ensure your written content is bang on target.

Gardens, landscape design, garden products, plants, flowers, property and lifestyle all provide a freelance copy writer with inspirational subject matter. There is no need for dry-as-dust, boring-as-hell content on your website or in your printed material, whether you sell luxury garden studios, plants, outdoor or lifestyle accessories. With my extensive experience and knowledge, your content is going to be bold, beautiful, informative and tailored to your target audience. If you’d like to work on your identity and company message, share your brief with me and I can confidently produce stylish, evocative, relevant content that will make your customers fall in love with you.

No ifs, no buts, just great copy.


freelance gardening copywriter