Lucy is a very driven lady and she has been a joy to work with, whilst always keeping me in the best of moods. At times it was almost impossible, especially when I had so much on my mind and I needed to switch off in order to focus on the book. Lucy did a very good job in having immense patience and understanding when working with a dyslexic and sometimes moody person; you have to be very good at choosing the right moments and then giving huge amounts of encouragement which is why we have now successfully finished this book. Lucy, I cannot begin to thank you enough for all of your patience as well as your sense of humour as without it, I would not have produced this, my second book. – Randle Siddeley, The Lord Kenilworth

Lucy is an absolute pleasure to work with! Her knowledge, flair and creativity lead to wonderfully crafted articles for our website. Communication is always prompt and deadlines always met. I couldn’t ask for more, she’s a true professional. – Harris Media

Lucy Summers won out because she effectively showcased her depth of knowledge, both in terms of the subject matter and the challenges faced by specific sections of retailers. Her engaging writing style pulls in her readers and holds their attention – it is both provocative and colourful. Journalist of the Year  – Garden Media Guild

Lucy is a brilliant freelancer. Thoughtful, creative and to the point. Lucy, it was an absolute delight working with you and, once again, thanks for the great copy! – Roman Kartyushov

I have worked with Lucy for a couple of years now and she is an incredibly engaging, experienced and insightful communicator. It’s been a positive experience to get gardening content that really engages with our readers. -Andrew Davis, Publisher