Looking for a memoir editor?

looking for a memoir editor uk

Are you looking for a memoir editor who can offer professional guidance and polish your manuscript?

I’m a professional memoir and expert non-fiction editor who works with you to give your story vital structure, readability and flow. Whether you are hoping to self-publish, publish your memoir via traditional publishing or create a valuable family heirloom, a good editor will review your work objectively, creating structure, readability and authenticity.

It’s is often said that everyone has a book in them and that’s where it should stay!

Simply put, a good editor can simply make the unreadable, readable and working with an objective professional, who is sympathetic and can build your book into a credible narrative arc is both invaluable and essential.

The editor/client relationship is vital too; it’s important to establish a trust, so your editor can guide your work patiently, effectively and imaginatively. Here are a few tips you should consider when appointing an editor for your manuscript.

A good editor will establish a tone of voice so that your story sounds as authentic as possible.

A good editor knows what to leave in and leave out of your manuscript.

A good editor know when to expand an anecdote or event and when to minimise them.

A good editor will review the manuscript so your book isn’t a series of unrelated scribblings.

A good editor knows how to format your manuscript for submission.

If you’d like my assistance in editing your story, please get in touch, all of our discussions and your manuscript are treated with the strictest confidence.