Hiring a ghostwriter

Clients sometimes just don’t have the time, skill or inclination to write.  Who can blame them? Good, original wordsmithing takes time and practise. If you’re one of those busy people, then perhaps you should consider hiring a ghostwriter who can eloquently put your thoughts into words.

Celebrities, people who have achieved notoriety, experts in their field, or freelance writers who are oversubscribed often need to think about hiring a good ghostwriter. Ghostwriting is a great role. I’m  a good listener (essential!) have a natural curiosity about the subject and other people’s lives that all help to create a happy, satisfying balance when we work together.

Hiring a ghostwriter is all about trust too. Discretion is key and I’m happy to sign privacy agreements with many of my clients. It allows us to work together in a safe, productive environment ensuring your material is secure and ultimately, allowing you to tell your story in a personal tone that genuinely reflects you.

Hiring me as your ghostwriter saves you time, cutting out months of miserable typing hunched in front of a computer screen – to just a few hours editing your finished manuscript. If you’d like to work together or maybe you just want to sound me out – please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

hiring a ghostwriter